Wallace Wedding

I was so excited to be working at The Dairy Barn. This venue is literally everything. Architecture is truly the shining aspect just walking to the Barn. The exquisite windows are only the beginning. 

  The Wallace wedding was absolutely gorgeous.. gorgeous flowers flowed through the entire building with tasteful rustic style decorations at every turn. I can't wait to share this album with you all. 


Helms Wedding

           So I will never forget the first time I met these two. Rai was turning 27 and she absolutely needed to celebrate it.

     I met her and her boyfriend Scott out in the middle of Freedom Park on what I could remember was a very hot day. We all instantly hit it off and were laughing and joking the entire time. I could see how the two of them had a connection, just from meeting them and the little conversation we had I could tell they were great for each other. Upon leaving that night I joked about engagement pictures, little did I know it actually would be happening!


Now fast forward a year and some months, here I am again posting about there wedding. 

You both are so dear to me and I love your story. The way that you both complement each other is beautiful. Thank you so much for having me at your special day. 

Kristany Wallace Bridal

This girls fun and easy going spirit just flows right through her! Breath taking and beautiful, we climbed fences and almost stepped quite a bit of cow "presents". As always it was well worth it, and even had some friends come and hang out with us! 


 Thank you to my dear friends for allowing me to capture this bride in there backyard.. (jealous)