Home With Noelle

Once again this beautiful family has touched my heart.

I swear every time I sit down to edit one of our sessions I go through so many emotions, of course I start with the typical, "Must."   "Wake."   "Up."   Then of course the whole "You got this." routine.

But the minute I see that adorable grin on Rivers face, and I don't mean adorable like every other little girl her age. I'm talking about the most hilarious, sweet, make you literally laugh out loud LOL, yeah thats the one, and River has got it!

    Now on top of being the cutest thing EVER, she is now a Big Sister. I loved watching her love on Noelle, giving kisses and telling secrets. These two sisters are going to be the best of friends. I can already see River showing Noelle all of her little tricks ha!

And then there is Stephanie, a mother and a friend. She has a heart of pure gold. The way she looks at her two sweet girls just gets me every time. Love can be many things, but in the home it is every thing, the warmth, laughter, and kind voices. Nothing compares to a loving home and thats exactly what I felt walking inside. I knew right it right away. 

Congratulations to the Santos family!