The day has finally come for these two love birds to tie the knot! I seriously had so much fun at this wedding. Each and every one of these people took me in as a friend and included me as one of them. Shooting events can sometimes be intimidating and even awkward at times. When your standing back taking photos of people you don't know, you always get those looks like "who is this lady?" HA! 

   That was not the case with these folks at all. From the moment I walked into Carolines home I was handed a Mimosa and some big beautiful smiles to go with it. You can about imagine how stressful a wedding can be, the planning, the expense. The sweet and kind way that Caroline and her girls treated me made it clear that I was going to do every little thing I possibly could to make this Brides day absolute perfection. Even if that meant doing some hair and makeup or setting our food. The funny thing is I enjoyed every single moment right until the end of the night when my camera was put away and we all laughed and talked about what a great day it had been.

So thank you to Jamie and Caroline for including me on your special day, it was an awesome day for me as well.


Brittney Jenkins