Sarah + Miranda Engagements -Richie Hill Concord-

As I pulled into the parking lot of Richie Hill, my excitement was written all over my face. I am so in love with the history that lives in Concord. You couldn't hide from it if you tried. I don't know why you would ever want to! When I was shown the venue we would be working with for the Wedding and Engagements, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Could I live here, Please? 

Then I saw them.
Smiling up at me, these two sweet adorable boys.
I knew then how happy and in love this whole family was.

The kind of happiness that you don't just acquire from simple satisfactions in life, the happiness that come from within your soul. That is what this family has, being together is everything. The true love that Sarah and Miranda have for each other is the kind that doesn't have to be spoken out loud.