Moving was that one thing I was not going to do again. No way. No how. Yet here I am 2 years later living in good old York, South Carolina. The truth is I couldn't be happier.                                                             When we were living in Arizona I was a full time Esthetician at the European Wax Center. My time was spent waxing day in and day out. Even at home I was cleaning the wax off of my clothes, phone, and even my glasses. I was good at it, shit I was one of the best! But deep down I wasn't truly happy. The constant need to push for sales. It just wasn't me. 

     I was never able to be home spending time with my Son. That was the big one, the giant guilt that hung over me every. single. day. Hey and don't get me wrong not everyone feels this way and thats totally fine! Some jobs aren't as demanding. But for me? My job would hardly cover any daycare costs to even be worth the extra hundred dollars I was left with at the end of the week. 

  On Tyler and my one year anniversary we decided to go eat at the restaurant we were married in. Recently we had found out that after 30 some years they were closing, so of course we had to eat there one last time. A couple glasses of wine later we got to talking, and I mean like really talking. The subject of moving had been brought up by Tyler on many occasions but I always shut him down. This time seemed different, the wine helped a little of course. Could we really move AGAIN???

If you don't know we lived in North Carolina for a year previously and with the stress of planning our our of state wedding ended up caving in and moving back, despite Tyler's great pay and good job. 

      But the thought? Moving back and being able to stay home? Having another child? With our living/money situation in Arizona that just was never going to happen. The money wasn't there and neither was the time. Tyler was also equally as miserable at his job as I was. So that was it. We knew how many hearts we were about to break but it had to be done. For us to live the life we really wanted we had to come back to the Carolinas, back to the green grass and bugs. 

Photography has always been my passion, besides of course being a mom and sitting on the couch with a Netflix series and some chocolate.. But I think thats any Moms passion these days. Moving here has FINALLY givin me the chance to do the things that I truly truly love. I mean all jokes aside I hardly have time for "me" but thats okay. Don't get me wrong, I'm going crazy on the inside probably seven days of the week but I'm happy. So So happy. 

So if your wondering why my number is not in state well this is why. Plus T mobile wants my left leg to add another line. 



I do miss that Arizona desert scene though.

I do miss that Arizona desert scene though.